Saturday, 3 November 2012

Creative Ring Designs

Creative Ring Designs

The custom of  giving and receiving finger rings was stared approximately 6,000 years ago. People of all classes wore rings for different reasons, Members of Mafia wore rings on their little finger, while the kings would always put them on the index finger. one of our fingers is also named as " Ring " finger, following the world wide wedding tradition.

Here we gathered some creative rings, These ring are creative and also expressive have a look at them

Unique Rings For DJs

Inspired by urban life style and pub culture, Darkloud silver has created these unique DJ rings.

Nest Of Pearls Ring 

This hand made silver bird nest ring is made with several feet of thin wire that has been crimped and cajoled into a bird's nest which holds three glowing little fresh water pearls.

Wedding Ring

This is ring looks funny but very creative thought for a wedding "The husband and wife should stick together like a bolt and nut" is the inner message in this concept.

 Over Size Ring

A simple curve inside the ring that doesn't fall of he finger.

Like Signet Ring  


Designer Lindsey Snell has designed this ring.

 I love You in Braille

This is an interesting design, the balls around the ring spell I LOVE YOU in braille and can be felt on inside and outside of the ring.

Brass Lighter Ring


Desighed by Monserat de Lucca

I ( Thou )Ring

The specialty of this ring is that you can put your first love letter init and can ware to your finger or else you can put slips for coping in exams.... 

Inner Message Ring 

This is My Favorite among all these designs The inner message ring, this ring will have hidden letters( message ) on the inside. Which are can seen when you remove the ring

Proposal Ring 

The New Way of proposing your loved once, with this she definitely approve your love.

Bottle Opener Ring

The simplest design, A bottle opener integrated in a ring, isn't a cool design ?

Creative Rings

 Creative Silver rings Representing your interest or position or business etc. 

Animal Rings

Bear and rabbit Rings for animal lovers........ 


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This all are different and amazing design, you have got a absolutely cool collection, from where you got this rings. Actually I am also going to buy one of this ring that's why I am asking.

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